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Staying close to your roots

If you are an Indian living abroad, we know that there is a part of you always thinking about your motherland and dreaming up ways to return home someday. We at Vishal Chugera Properties believe that there’s no deeper connection than land itself. So we want to help you own a lush and bountiful property here!

A VCPIPL plot is also an excellent investment opportunity for you. All our properties are located in prime areas in and around Pune, making them an ideal way to invest in a booming economy and build a beautiful home.


Why choose us

Vishal Chugera Properties is one of the leading developers in Pune real estate. Our relations that span over two decades are built on a foundation of integrity, trust, and quality offerings. Our commitment is to guide you every step of the way.

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Premium Projects

Vast and gorgeous properties at sought-after prestigious spots around the city.

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Tranquil Lifestyle

Modern and lavish homes surrounded by green parks, sports courts, and relaxing spas.

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Best Quality

The finest properties and gated communities with everything you will need.

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Well Connected

Located in areas close to the airport, schools, hospitals, and commercial centers.

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Why choose this city

Pune, often called ‘The Queen of the Deccan’, is an ideal city to invest in for anyone looking to return to India. The cool breezy weather, cosmopolitan lifestyle, and abundant scenic beauty will welcome you with open arms, no matter where you are returning from.

Pune also has a rich historical and cultural heritage and many of its areas are under the government’s smart city plan. It is currently the educational capital of India and boasts of some of the best schools in the country. All of this has led to its IT boom, making it a major industrial and technological hub. With its extravagant malls, fine dining restaurants, and other commercial developments, it is a wise investment decision sure to reap great financial benefits.


Clarify all your doubts

Learn about investing in property as an NRI

An Indian Citizen who lives in India for less than one hundred and eighty-two days during the preceding financial year, or who has gone out of the country, or who stays outside the country for the purpose of employment is called a Non-Resident Indian (NRI).

Yes. An NRI can buy both residential and commercial properties in India. But they cannot buy plantation land, agriculture land, or farmhouse land.

No. An NRI can purchase any number of residential or commercial properties across the country.

An NRI will not incur income tax on simply acquiring property. However, if they generate any income such as rent from the property, it can be taxable.

An NRI has to file tax returns if their taxable income in the country during the year was above the basic exemption limit of INR.1.6 lakh or if they have obtained capital gains from selling any investments or assets.

Have a look at Our Projects

From luxurious high rises and well-connected business hubs to vast gated communities and destination homes, we have a grand selection of properties for you to choose from.


What our clients say

We are there with you at every step of the way.


My husband and I dreamt of building a new house in Pune City and were looking for a 2 BHK Flat or an apartment close to where we work in WTC. Mr. Sharma and his skilled team members helped us get a 3.5 BHK bungalow with the same budget, which made our dream a reality. No words to thank him!

Kanchan Jha

Server Architect

Never thought I would get such professional support even after buying the property. I have seen builders not paying attention to any major issues, but when I received instant timely solutions such as with visitor parking, VCPIPL won my heart. Thanks a lot for coordinating!

Dr. Harpeet Singh


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